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Risecomm Group Holdings Limited (the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries (“Risecomm Group” or the “Group”), was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on June 9, 2017 with Hong Kong stock code: 01679.

Risecomm Group is a High and New Technology Enterprise (“HNTE”) which engages in scientific research, product development and the provision of technical services. With its headquarters situated in Shenzhen, the PRC, Risecomm Group also has offices in Beijing, Wuxi, Changsha and Hong Kong, the PRC. The Group’s production, research & development (“R&D”) and sales businesses are carried out by its various subsidiaries, namely Risecomm Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“Risecomm WFOE”), Beijing Risecomm Communication Technology Company Limited (“Risecomm Beijing Comm”), Wuxi Risecomm Communication Technology Company Limited (“Risecomm Wuxi”) and Changsha Risecomm Communication Technology Company Limited (“Risecomm Changsha”). Among which, Risecomm WFOE is honoured as a National HNTE, Shenzhen HNTE and National Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise.

With its advanced R&D strength and ample industry experience, the Group has gathered a core R&D team and management team composed of senior professional and technical personnel at home and abroad.  Risecomm Group carries out two major businesses through its Power Line Communication (PLC) technology: (i) AMR business (including provision of PLC integrated circuits (“ICs”), PLC modules and other AMR products), which has maintained a leading position in market application of State Grid Corporation of China over the years; and (ii) Smart Energy Management Business (including streetlight control, building energy management and photovoltaic power management) which has been in widespread use in application, and in particular, ranked high in terms of market share in the market of PLC technology adopted in smart streetlight remote control system, while the application of other smart management solutions was under a steady growth.

Furthermore, the Group has upheld the idea of enhancing living quality through smart control network and dedicated its efforts to the research and popularization of smart control network so as to facilitate interconnection, intercommunication and inter-control among different smart products in different industries and enterprises. Also, the Group has applied Power Line Communication (PLC) technology which seamlessly connects smart control network to the Internet through power line and allows further extension of network, thereby bringing living management to a smarter level.

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